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At Doppio Living, we are committed to supplying top quality articles and accessories to add zest and fun to life.

Our range includes conveniently packaged Kiln Dried Cooking Wood.

Currently we offer two types of wood, namely Oak and Hickory, in two different sizes, 6" mini logs and 8" logs.
Oak imparts a bold, classic smoked flavor and rich brown coloring to meats.

Hickory, imparting a robust and very distinct flavor, is regarded by many purists as the cooking wood of choice.
Flavor is entirely personal, so experiment until you find what you enjoy!

The 6" mini logs are best for portable wood-fired ovens, and can also be used as kindling.

The 8" logs are more suited to grills, smokers and larger wood-fired ovens.

Both sizes ship in a box measuring 729 cubic inches and containing at least 10lbs of wood when packed.
Note that different species have different densities, so weight does vary. However, we pack each box as full as we can!
Contents may settle during shipping.

All our cooking wood is sustainably harvested and kiln dried.


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