Eagle Claw Tools and Fasteners 8 x 1 5/8 Inch Stainless Steel Deck Screws 100 Box T20 Star Drive Included

8 x 1-5/8 (100)
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Eagle Claw 18-8 (304) Grade Eagle Claw Stainless Steel Deck Screws are the BEST IN THE BUSINESS. 

★Suitable for Decking, Fencing and all Outdoor, Coastal and Wet Area Applications.  
★Prevent rusting and ugly stains on your timber due to the high corrosion resistance of stainless steel.  
★Our Star Drive (TORX) Head prevents cam-out, preserving the screw and prolonging driver life, allowing the screws to be removed if necessary.  
★Stainless Steel screws can be safely used in Redwood, Cedar and Pressure Treated timber. 

Available in the following sizes, in 100, 350 and 1750 Packs:  
#8 x 1-5/8" 
#10 x 2" 
#10 x 2-1/2" 
#10 x 3" 
Designed in close collaboration with carpenters in the field, these top quality screws are manufactured according to our specifications by our supplier in Taiwan.  


  • TYPE 304 (18-8) GRADE STAINLESS STEEL Wood Screws for Decking, Fencing and general-purpose woodwork.
  • RECOMMENDED for use in all COASTAL, WET and OUTDOOR applications, including decks, balustrades, fences, jetties, walkways and general construction work.
  • HIGH CORROSION RESISTANCE means no more ugly rust stains on your beautiful outdoor timber structures.
  • SUITABLE for use with all HARDWOOD, SOFTWOODS and PRESSURE TREATED lumber, including Redwood and Cedar.
  • STAR DRIVE HEAD, Torx Driver Included. TYPE 17 POINT for easy driving. NIBS under the head help seat the screw. BURNISHED finish

✔Eagle Claw Fasteners and Tools: Quality you can Trust 

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