We are an official USA distributor of Deeper fish finders, providing our customers access to the latest sonar technology. Not many anglers have access to this technology; it is a game changer for a BIG catch!

Unlike other similar devices on the market today that still use Bluetooth, Deeper Smart Sonar fish finders use Wi-Fi to pair with your mobile device - phone or tablet. All the data is in the palm of your hands, before you know it. The Wi-Fi accessibility provides the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro the most stable and powerful of connections than any other device in its category. It also means that the Deeper Pro fish finders have the best range, better than any other device in its category.

Deeper fish finders - Deeper Start Castable Sonar Fishfinder and Deeper Smart Pro and Pro Plus Fishfinder will help you get to the fish faster. You will have access to all the important information, including fish location, depth, contour, etc. You won’t have to dig deep before getting into the real action. It will all be done by your Deeper fish finder.

All your fishing information will be saved on the Deeper App. You can get access to this data on your computer with Lakebook. This feature helps you build a comprehensive record of the different locations you usually fish at.

Deeper Start Castable Sonar Fishfinder is a simple yet powerful device, perfect for beginners. It comes with a host of great features that will cut the guessing work out and make you more informed every time you fish.

On the other hand, Deeper Pro and Pro Plus Fishfinder come with the highest specs ever to be found in any fish finder. They offer versatility and scanning capabilities that kayak, ice, shore, and boat anglers look for.

Using Deeper fish finders is a breeze. While they are better than others in their category, they still don’t cost that much. If you are an angler looking for a device to help you improve the overall experience as well as the result at the end of every fishing day, get in touch with us, and we will help you find the best Deeper fish finder for your needs.