Plugfones Earplug Headphones

Plugfones Earplug Headphones


Allen's Trading Co. LLC is an official USA distributor of Plugfones Earplug Headphones.

Plugfones safety earplug headphones are the answer for anyone who works in a noisy environment - be it in the office, factory, riding your motorcycle or mowing the lawn.

 Plugfones are extremely innovative headphones that look like earplugs, blocking out noise while allowing you to listen to your favorite tunes. 

Liberate 2.0 Wireless Plugfones, our wireless earplug headphones for work or play, are Plugfone’s Bluetooth4.1 model. These high-quality bluetooth headphones that look like earplugs are equipped with an IsoTalk Noise Isolating microphone, allowing you to make and receive calls with your mobile phone while fully protecting your ears in the noisiest environments. Fast Charge technology together with 12H Never Out Battery provides hours of wireless listening pleasure.

The Guardian Plus offers all the benefits of the Liberate 2.0 earplug headphones, Bluetooth apart, while our standard Guardian is a rugged option with full hearing protection and tuned speakers, but without the microphone.

The Plugfones Industrial Range comprising the Plugfones FreeReign, Plugfones Protector Plus and Plugfones Protector are even tougher than the standard range, designed for use in the harshest conditions.

Last but not least, Plugfones Basic is Plugfones Original model, still going strong since it all started! This option remains excellent quality and value for money.